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Healthy Alternatives

Whole Grains are a necessity in every diet. The bakers at Hadley Farms have perfected recipes for Croissants, Cinnamon Rolls and Sweet Rolls that deliver great taste combined with the health benefits of whole grain and zero trans fat. Healthy eating CAN taste good!


Hadley Farms' Croissants are made from carefully crafted dough which is spread with butter or margarine and then folded over and over to create the tender, flaky layers of a true croissant. They are available in numerous sizes; as fully-curved, semi-curved or straight; and sliced or unsliced.

Cinnamon Rolls

Our Cinnamon Rolls feature a rich cinnamon smear that bursts from swirls of moist dough and topped with your choice of Light Glaze, White Icing, or Gourmet Cream Cheese Icing. They are available in several sizes and packaging styles.

Danish and Sweet Rolls

Hadley Farms' Danishes are made with a tender pastry dough spread with fruit or cheese filling and folded over to form a filled pocket. Our Sweet Rolls are made with a moist pastry dough infused with cinnamon or cheese creating a classic round roll. Both are topped with Drizzle Icing.

Twisted Round Rolls

Our Twisted Round Roll is a golden moist and flaky roll crafted from our laminated croissant dough. They are sliced and ready for Your Special Sandwich Creation!

Distributor Fundraising

Hadley Farms offers "Just Like Homemade" Gourmet Cinnamon Rolls in clamshells for fundraising programs.